Tuhis Brush Set 2020

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This is an occasionally maintained collection of all the custom brushes that I use for my illustrations. There are currently 11 brushes in total: a few basic clean digital paint brushes, some textured ones imitating natural media, and multiple inking brushes with different attributes.

All the brushes in this pack are optimized for Procreate 5.0 and require an iPad with an Apple Pencil to work properly. Optimal performance on any other setup is not guaranteed since many of the features rely on the new brush engine and Apple Pencil's sensitivity.

Procreate Pocket is not currently supported since its brush engine lacks the essential new features introduced in Procreate 5.0.

Free to download and use, both for personal and commercial projects.

Pay what you want. 

And have fun painting!

  • This is a .brushset file containing custom brushes for Procreate.

  • Size
    18.9 MB
  • This is a .brushset file containing custom brushes for Procreate.
  • Size18.9 MB


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Tuhis Brush Set 2020

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