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Tuhis Brush Pack for Procreate 4.3

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This is a collection of all the custom brushes that I use for my illustrations. There are 12 brushes in total: some basic clean digital paint brushes, a few textured ones and multiple inking brushes with different attributes.

Despite their names all the brushes work for multiple tasks. For example, the Mumma Tempera suits well for inking too, and I often use the Super Pencil for painting after first drawing the sketch with it. Kaski Brush Pen is maybe the most versatile of these, I use it for sketching, inking as well as painting. So while the brush names give a general idea of what the brush is good for it shouldn’t be a limitation.

And as always, if some of the settings don’t work for your personal preferences I encourage you to tweak the brushes, even break them, and experiment with different setups! 


All the brushes in this pack are optimized for Procreate 4.3 and require an iPad with an Apple Pencil to work properly. Optimal performance on other devices is not guaranteed, although you can install them on any device that runs Procreate.

P.S. Just to make it clear, these are free brushes, so a fair price is 0€ 😚


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Tuhis Brush Pack for Procreate 4.3

313 ratings
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