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Tuhis Brush Set 2021 for Procreate 5X

283 ratings
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Tuhis Brush Set 2021 for Procreate 5X

283 ratings

This is a digital brush set for Procreate that consists of 18 custom brushes. About half of them are made for inking and line art and the other half is for digital painting. Those of you who have used my brushes before will recognise the usual classics but also notice many newcomers, such as Kanto and Miska Ink, two new Helvi brushes, Veljet Ink that draws five lines instead of just one, and a heavily streamlined Kumpu Brush Pen.

About the Brushes

These are the tools I use for my work which means they are fine-tuned for my personal tastes. For example Miska Ink has gone through a whole year of tweaking and I actually illustrated two books with it before I was sure it feels right 😃 But this doesn’t mean the brush settings are right for everyone out of the box and that’s why I encourage you to play with the brush settings to make them fit better in your own workflows! Also don’t get stuck in the brush names too much, an ink brush can work for colouring and tempera for inking. I use Kaski Brush Pen for mainly painting nowadays even though it used to be my go-to line art tool.

System Requirements

All the brushes are optimised for Procreate 5X and require an iPad with an Apple Pencil to work as intended. The brushes can also be installed on Procreate Pocket on an iPhone, but they will behave a little differently since for example tilt isn’t recognised while painting on a phone with your finger.

All the brushes are free to download and use, both for personal and commercial projects. Pay what you want. You don’t need to credit me at all, although I love to see what people create with these!

Hope you enjoy this compact set of brushes!

Have fun creating! 💪

P.S. If you’re hosting a website that shares brushes please don’t add my brushes there! Also, please don’t resell these brushes. If you see someone sharing this brush set on any platform you can be sure it’s shady business 😃

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One .brushset file containing 18 custom brushes optimised for Procreate 5X.

48.9 MB


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